We offer excellent customer service and pride ourselves in the unique and high quality of the custom-made product.


Owner/Sales & Marketing
Customer Service

We are a family owned and operated business with more than 35 years of experience. Our main focus is on customer service and  quality of our product.  On-going communication with our clients is what helps us build a close working relationship in order to reach a common goal, which is the design and fabrication of the wood product in question. Our products are hand-made from scratch. There are no modular systems or prefabricated units. The quality of the product is the most important aspect to us as well as making sure that our clientele gets what they asked for. As each piece is original and created as its own entity, no project is ever the same, leaving the imagination wide open to all kinds of creations. It is labour intense as all pieces leave us with a special individual touch. Hand crafted with pride and hours of attention to detail and hard work are what play an integral part of the process.

After years of working closely with industry leaders, designing and creating custom pieces, we branched off on our own. Jurgen, has years of German training and has learned all that comes with the industry. He has taken his years of experience and implemented that knowledge into the design and manufacturing of all of our products. Projects big or small, intricate or simple.  Nothing stops us from taking it on and getting the job done properly. Attention to detail is what we pride ourselves in.

We have worked with a variety of clientele, including designers, business people and private residential clients. We work off drawings supplied to us or can also design our own with the customer in mind.

Jurgen Owner/Operations Manager

Owner/Operations Manager